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Soundkeeper Recordings

Frequently Asked Questions

What formats are available?
Can I preview the differences between formats?
What about provenance?
How are new artists chosen for Soundkeeper Recordings?


What formats are available?

Soundkeeper Recordings are available on CD and in the following download formats:
16/44 .aif files
16/44 .wav files
24/96 .aif files
24/96 .wav files
24/192 .aif files
24/192 .wav files

For more details on our downloads, see The Lowdown on Downloads in the Soundkeeper Blog.

Can I preview the differences between formats?

Yes.  We have provided a Format Comparison page where you can audition the differences between 16/44 (CD resolution), 24/96 (extended resolution), and 24/192 (high resolution).

When comparing the files, be sure your system is not performing any sort of resampling and/or dithering to either one.  Some will by default, either upsample the 16/44 version or downsample and dither the 24/96 or 24/192 versions.

What about provenance?

When high-resolution downloads first became available, many customers found that some of their purchases were in fact upsampled Redbook files.  That is, a number of vendors were selling what were essentially CD-resolution files in a "high res"' package, at high res prices.

Astute customers want to know the provenance of the files they purchase.  That is, they want to know the origin and nature of the sources used to create the downloads.

The very first Soundkeeper Recording (Work of Art's Lift) was recorded at 24/96 resolution, so this is the highest resolution in which we offer it.  All Soundkeeper Recordings made since then have been recorded at 24/192 resolution, so this is the highest resolution in which we offer the rest of our catalog.  Our releases are all recorded and mastered in the .aif format.

All our recordings are made direct-to-stereo using the stereo microphone array described in Barry's article entitled Recording in Stereo.  Attention is paid to every detail, from AC distribution, to cabling, to vibration isolation.


How are new artists chosen for Soundkeeper Recordings?

At Soundkeeper Recordings, we're interested in all styles of music.  Once we find an artist whose music we enjoy, the next step is to ensure they can be recorded using the methods we employ.

All our recordings are done on location, live to stereo with no overdubs or mixes.  All music must be original (unless it is in the public domain).  Artists must be able to play live, without a public address system and without headphones.  All takes are complete performances, balanced by the artist.

If you are a musical artist and are interested in Soundkeeper Recordings, please contact us via email, and we'll see if we can arrange an audition.