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Soundkeeper Recordings

Work Of Art: Lift

Outrun This Pain

There's a long distance call ringing for me
There's a letter that you wrote that I'll never see

'cause I'm already one step ahead
I'm flying out of this rain
I'm trying not to look back
Trying to outrun this pain

There's a message on my phone flashing all day
No need to check it out I know what you'll say

I'm already one step ahead
I got a jump on this train
I'm rolling right down these tracks
Trying to outrun this pain

A thousand miles away from you is close enough for me
It breaks my heart to think that once you were my destiny

Full moon up above got me dreaming of you
I think I'm still in love but I know that we're through

So I'm already one step ahead
To forgetting your name
I keep on moving and trying to outrun this pain

I wonder where you are tonight and if you speak my name?
I wonder if you changed your mind and want me back again?

Words and music by Art Halperin
©2006 Sword In The Stone Publishing, ASCAP
Art Halperin: lead vocal, guitar
Al Maddy: harmony vocal, 12-string guitar
Jon Rosenblatt: harmony vocal, mandolin
Sue Williams: bass
Nat Seely: drums

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