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Soundkeeper Recordings

Markus Schwartz & Lakou Brooklyn: Equinox

Kote Moun Yo?

Traditional, arranged by Markus Schwartz & Monvelyno Alexis

The introduction is played on three "lanbi" (conch shells), along with "tcha-tcha" (gourd shaker similar to a maraca) and "fe" (iron striker fashioned from a recycled automobile leaf spring).

The melody, lyrics and rhythm come from traditional Haitian "Rara"
(street processional music - for more see http://rara.wesleyan.edu).

Kote moun yo?                       Where are the people?
M'pa we moun yo                       I don't see the people
Kote moun kap pale mal?                       Where are the people speaking badly (about me)?
Mwen pa we moun kap pale mal                       I don't see the people speaking badly
Woy woy woy, woy woy woy                       In front of me (the talk) is good
Devan byen, deye mal o                       Behind me (the talk) is bad

Markus Schwartz: Haitian Rada & Petwo drums, miscellaneous percussion, loop sampler, vocals, conch shell
Jean Caze: trumpet, vocals, conch shell
Monvelyno Alexis: electric guitar, vocals, percussion
Paul Beaudry: bass, percussion

Listen to a sample