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Soundkeeper Recordings

Jason Vitelli: Confluence


Wait, don't laugh; I'd like to enlighten you
Look upon my eyes
Can't you see it's raining inside my mind?
Thoughts were once filled with my life's song
A song that you've never known

And now that I grabbed your attention
Would you kindly care to mention
Why have I followed you so near
Wasted the mere breadth of countless years?
Couldn't you have stopped me before I knew
That this cumbersome side would soon show through?

Instead of extending a hand of sympathy
A spiteful smile slowly spreads from ear to ear
'Cause all your lost trials
And the things that had made you so sick you couldn't stand up straight
Now fill you with a righteous pride

You're teeming with a hate that cannot be staved
You won't be saved and I won't behave so I walk away
I balk from your disgrace

And I want you so but can't be near you anymore
These thoughts they must subside and I must move on with my life
There's so much more to pine than chasing my desire
Unrequited desire

Words and music by Jason Vitelli
©2011 Maquiladora Music, ASCAP
Jason Vitelli: vocal, piano

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