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Soundkeeper Recordings

Jason Vitelli: Confluence


Working, a-working, a-working all day long
Fingers missing nails, teeming with toil
One shouldn’t be alone
When walking toward the bedroom door
Age reeks through the bones
Parasites turn tissue into dung

Body wrinkles up, eyelids so heavy
Sallow skin and bones, fingers decaying
You were once a towering tree
Now you're just mulch and weeds
And you just sit there wondering "Can I be happy?"

Countless calculations, crunching lines
Bring a salary, some kids, a wife
Steam runs out the chimney
The intercourse brings heat to all in need
Growing stronger every day
Does meaningless work turn to meaningful play?

Body wrinkles up, eyelids so heavy
Her arthritic hands, they don't look so pretty
You both were once as sharp as knives
Now you're picking up each other’s lines
You just sit there wondering "Can we be happy?"

I’m vying to be cured of this working disease
Would anyone care; does anyone care to join me?
I say does anyone care; would anyone care to join me?

Words and music by Jason Vitelli
©2011 Maquiladora Music, ASCAP
Jason Vitelli: vocal, electric guitar (rhythm)
Dave Ramsay: electric guitar (lead)
Olivier Prud'homme: bass guitar
Yorgos Maniatis: drums

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