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Soundkeeper Recordings

Jason Vitelli: Confluence

Call Waiting

Wait for a second; wait another second
It’ll be just a moment
But can never seem to get this right

I won’t be alive; I won’t be alive
I sit here and bide my time
But it's not easy to stand naked

I won’t be another wasted life
Generated by anxiety
But my way doesn’t pave a way
Toward any sort of possibility

So I slide on by
And I want you as mine
And I try and I try
But the minutes are like fire

I sit by the phone and say that it's OK
A mantra fed existence
Pouring out of a starving heart

But the ringing in my head rings true
And it shivers down my spine
I never felt so out of sorts
Driven mad by a singularity

Connection bursts me through the lines
My lips worn icy chapped now are moist
Color flushes into my face; I cannot think straight
It was my sigh of relief that pulled apart my insides
Revealing some sort of shape for here and now existing again
And the voices that sped my turbines to feverish pitch
Now sing to me such soothing whispers

Words and music by Jason Vitelli
©2011 Maquiladora Music, ASCAP
Jason Vitelli: vocal, piano
Dave Ramsay: electric guitar
Olivier Prud'homme: bass guitar
Yorgos Maniatis: drums

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