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Soundkeeper Recordings

Jason Vitelli: Confluence

Her Kind Eyes

She thought I found the way to her home
Through the naked room
Her kind eyes shining upon the hearth
Instead I made it up and said it would be alright
But it’s not alright; it’s not alright

Took the scissors off the shelf
I took a stab at my vein
Took it out in the same way
I cut her blind all the while

Her empty porch still lit as I walk down the road
I’m swaying back and forth
Strong gales pitching rocks at my mug
I know I don’t belong here no more
No more

Took a left at the ridge
Keeping to the lines in the highway
I don’t know which way to turn
But my steady gaze endures past the shame
Yet I trip through her malice
Borne in lieu of the love I could never return
Can’t return

Smoke signals to the next town as the sun’s rising up
Her eyes a single speck upon the event horizon
Could only picture a spring when times were so right
And the leaves were all green
And we were dancing in the streets
And she was smiling at me
She was smiling at me

Words and music by Jason Vitelli
©2011 Maquiladora Music, ASCAP
Jason Vitelli: vocal, piano

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