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Soundkeeper Recordings

Jason Vitelli: Confluence

Stay Away!

Stay away from the words that mean so much
That broke her spirit when you stole them away
As your bodies entangle so close
Can you contain the rhythms that will be
In step to some new fashion?

You "lie" there accursed and all too aware
Of the revelation that overcame you last Sunday afternoon
In the coffee shop
Couldn’t tear yourself from such hourglass curves
Striking eternal time; you stopped on a dime

Wantonness can enable a natural unrest
Gripping the loins so hard
That a cast iron will couldn’t tear it loose
And what was said before is last week’s news
As you defile, you desecrate; you set the bait
While fishing around for the next muse
So stay away; you make it rain till the tide overflowed reason!

Glance at the girl over at the kiosk looking so fine
Flying away on a jet plane to God knows where
Catch her pants; see her outline of fleshy taste
So make haste to the moment that ripens with delight

After you trouble to pick up her number
Dominos in your head tumble into dread
For the outpourings of your heart that unfurled intense devotion
Instead betray a lecherous duplicity
So what is real?

Where does fate bring tomorrow
When neither does answered your call?
And what does a conscience harbor
When no regrets taint it at all?

Words and music by Jason Vitelli
©2011 Maquiladora Music, ASCAP
Jason Vitelli: vocal, electric guitar (rhythm)
Dave Ramsay: electric guitar (lead)
Olivier Prud'homme: bass guitar
Yorgos Maniatis: drums

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