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Soundkeeper Recordings

Cosmic American Derelicts: The Twain Shall Meet

New Half Step

Sat and listened to the river overflow
I got down on my knees
Sat and listened to the river dry as a bone
It's cold and it's starting to freeze
The trust we once had you gave it away
And it will never be the same
I'm the same old boy that I've always been
Why couldn't you just let us be?

Give me that two step one time
Darling get me back in your arms again
Livin' my best life trying to stay off of the town's highest gallows
I may be alone but never afraid and my heart still beats the same
If you give me back my ring girl I'll pawn it for a new guitar

Words and music by Scott Lauro
© Cosmic American Derelicts Music, ASCAP
Scott Lauro: vocal, acoustic guitar
Ed Rainey: harmony vocal, dobro
Danny Pavas: harmony vocal, guitar
Nick Reeb: fiddle
George Kapitanelis: bass

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